Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2003

Not in our Name!

Faced with old and new forms of debt domination, a luta continua! Jubilee South / Americas will mark Global Debt Week, October 8 to 15, in a special way this year. Delegates from the four subregions – the Caribbean, Mesoamerica, Andean, and the Southern Cone – will gather in Rio de Janeiro for the network´s IV Regional Assembly, under the banner “ Towards Debt Reparations ”. At the heart of analysis and deliberations to set our course for the coming period will be the changing forms and present character of debt and domination, in the region and globally, together with the strategies of resistance and alternatives being developed. Over recent years global attention has shifted to the debt dramas of countries considered “developed” and of people in the North entrapped in the tangles of consumerism or struggling to overcome the consequences of prolonged recessions, unemployment, and falling wages. Many even seem to believe that the “debt crisis” of the South is over