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Vultures Here, Vultures There: the Never Ending Debt

Ver original del texto aquí:  Buitres de aquí, Buitres de allá: la deuda de nunca acabar

The debt--despite being a truly taboo subject--is always a hot topic in Argentina.  Its growth during the dictatorship, the recognition of its illegitimacy, and its conditioning of the return to democracy; its role in the privatizations, the application of harshausterity measures, and the denationalization of the economy, leading to the collapse of 2001; the partial suspension of payments that allowed an economic recovery to get underway--all facets of the domination exercised through the debt during just the last three decades, with its dramatic costs in human, socioeconomic, environmental, and political terms.
Nevertheless, since 2005 the Argentine governmenthas made an enormous effort to convince the population that the problem of the debt is over. For sure, it has had a lot of help from the economic elite, their mass disinformation media, and a large part of the political opposition. 
But after t…

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