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Vultures Here, Vultures There: the Never Ending Debt

Ver original del texto aquí:   Buitres de aquí, Buitres de allá: la deuda de nunca acabar The debt--despite being a truly taboo subject--is always a hot topic in Argentina.  Its growth during the dictatorship, the recognition of its illegitimacy, and its conditioning of the return to democracy; its role in the privatizations, the application of harsh austerity measures, and the denationalization of the economy, leading to the collapse of 2001; the partial suspension of payments that allowed an economic recovery to get underway--all facets of the domination exercised through the debt during just the last three decades, with its dramatic costs in human, socioeconomic, environmental, and political terms. Nevertheless, since 2005 the Argentine government has made an enormous effort to convince the population that the problem of the debt is over. For sure, it has had a lot of help from the economic elite, their mass disinformation media, and a large part of the political oppositio

Judgment NOW!

"Six years without resolving a writ of Amparo (protection) is total abandonment." Adolfo Pérez Esquivel summarized our situation, that of the people of Andalgalá, in bleak tones. That is why since February 1 we are camping in front of the Supreme Court of Argentina, over 1,300 kilometers from our families, our water, and our mountains. We ask you to accompany us in our demand to the Supreme Court for Judgment NOW!, adding your organizational signature to the petition below. Our Assembly The Algarrobo, formed in 2009 as part of our resistance to the announced death of our city, our lives and those of our children and grandchildren, is asking the Court to resolve once and for all in justice, our writ of amparo. We are asking the Court to support the rights of our people and of nature, by suspending the mega open-pit mining operation,  Agua Rica . After six interminable years of procedures in various courts, denouncing the authorization granted by