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Sovereignty and Vultures, Debt and the Commons

  Sovereignty and Vultures, Debt and the Commons As 2014 ends, a year that some will remember as the “year of the vultures,” as a multi-sectoral Assembly which brings together a range of the country’s popular movements and organisations, we would like to share our thoughts and proposals so as to continue contributing to and encouraging the debate and mobilizations necessary to try to change existing policy. Indeed, Argentina’s public debt reappeared in public discourse in June this year, thanks to a series of investment funds, known as "vultures", and the inordinate decisions of the US judiciary in one of the many lawsuits brought against Argentina following the suspension of debt payments at the height of the crisis at the end of another year - in 2001. Homeland or Debt Our Assembly was  actually born in response to the inappropriately posed choice "Homeland or Vultures", because we consider that defending our homeland - our Sovereignty and H