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Why New York?

- Hey, did you see that Argentina is going to New York on Wednesday, to face those vulture funds? - Yeah, we´re gonna bust’em for sure, along with that imperial judge, what's his name? They say the Minister of Economy is going, and the whole world is supporting us! See that? The U.S., the banks, even the IMF - somebody I guess was one of the top dogs there, Krewger or something like that – they’re all supporting us! - But if they’re all supporting us... What's going on? And why is our Minister going to New York? Aren’t we a sovereign country? Doesn`t our Constitution say that conflicts, disputes, must be resolved in the courts here, not in other countries? - Well, I don’t know, I don’t really understand that much. I think they say that’s what the markets demand... - But we have our rights! We have to make the rules, not them. And all those they say are going to support us - those "friends of the court" as they say, the U.S., the banks, all the bondho