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Call for Urgent Forum in Diyarbarkir in Solidarity with Hunger Striker Leyla Güven

Ver aquí en castellano TO WOMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD:  Dear friends,  This is an urgent invitation to come to Diyarbarkır to Defend Life in Solidarity with TJA activist dear Leyla Güven who has been on an irreversible hunger strike since November 8th. She went on the hunger strike when in prison, and after her release on the 79th day she has been continuing it at home. As we write this, she has reached the 106th day. On March 2, TJA will gather a women’s forum to discuss what we can do to press the government to meet her demand and to display our solidarity. Leyla’s health is in very fragile condition but she is very determined to go on until her single, unvarnished demand is met: End the aggravated total isolation on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. In other words, she demands that Mr. Öcalan’s rights to regular lawyer and family visits and lawful rights to communication with the outside world be recognized and respected by the government. This total regime of isolation in force only in