Mostrando entradas de agosto, 2012

The Liberty has returned! May our liberty return!

We welcome the return to our country of the frigate Liberty, released by an injunction granted by the International Law of the Sea Tribunal while it continues deliberation on the substance of the complaint. We welcome as well that, faced with the ship’s embargo and the outrageous decisions of some courts, it has been possible to strengthen national and international awareness about the serious consequences that the system of illegitimate indebtedness still brings for our people and country. We cannot celebrate, or much less declare victory, however, when in reality it is the vultures who are still winning: the vulture funds, vulture banks, vulture financial institutions, vulture corporations and business elites. Today and tomorrow, they continue to scavenge off the indebtedness and submission to the so-called "market dictates" that were built on the greed of a few, the disappearance of the 30,000, and the impoverishment, exclusion and exploitation of 30,000,000 more