Appeal for Debt Cancellation

Llamamiento por la Anulación de las Deudas

Nora Cortiñas turns 90 on March 22nd. In the midst of the crisis that Argentina is experiencing, but looking at all of our America, the global South and the entire world, she has decided that the only gift she wants - nothing more and nothing less - is the cancellation of all the debts that are impoverishing, sickening, enslaving and killing so many people.

Will you give us a hand? Together, we can spread the word about her request, add our support and send it to the governments, institutions and economic actors involved. 

The text of the Appeal follows below, and you can add your signatures here:

It is not so easy to mobilize at the moment, but we will soon be communicating date and time. Here in Argentina we continue to campaign for the Suspension of all payments and Investigation of the Debt; the demand for full ANNULMENT, or DEBT CANCELLATION, is complementary...  We shall overcome! Nora encourages us in this as in all struggles.

Appeal for Debt Cancellation
Usurious and illegitimate debt enslaves and kills many peoples in the world.

More and more peoples, especially in the global South, are deprived of their rights to a dignified life, condemned to face extremely precarious situations such as hunger, thirst, disease, eviction, unemployment, unpayable private debts, migration, violence and war.

This reality has an inescapable link with the public indebtedness of states, over which peoples are neither consulted nor have control, although the disastrous impacts fall on them. Carrying out comprehensive audits of these debts, as established by the UN Human Rights Council, would reveal their illegitimate, illegal and odious nature.

The concentrated power of debt and finances impacts also in the loss of countries' sovereignty. It manifests itself in the growing pressure, modification and appropriation of nature, of all spaces that harbor life such as water, air, forests and soils. It is a form of dictatorship that puts life at the service of profit.

We call on those responsible for these true crimes against humanity and against nature - governments all over the world, financial institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and other multilateral banks, investment funds and bondholders - to recognize the seriousness of the situation and to cancel the debt that impoverishes and subjugates entire countries. In the spirit of Jubilee, we call on you to restore to peoples and nature what you have taken from them, reestablishing equality, equilibrium, and the possibility of a decent life.

At this very moment, the consequences of years of looting and neoliberal imbalance are taking a dramatic toll, and more and more voices alert about a new economic and financial crisis, driven by the insane logic of accumulation and destruction that rules today, a true dictatorship of debt and finances. It is thus a propitious and necessary moment to change this course, through strengthening unity among peoples and the adoption of firm and sovereign measures that get to the roots of the scourge. Together, we can build other paths.

Cancel the debt that impoverishes, enslaves and kills!

Restitution and reparations to peoples and nature!

Life before debt!

                                                                                                                       - March 22, 2020

Initial signators:

Nora de Cortiñas, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo-Founders' Line

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Jubilee South / Americas

Dialogue 2000 Argentina

Peace and Justice Service SERPAJ Argentina

Argentine Workers' Central (CTA-Autonomous)...

Jubilee South / Americas: - FB: Jubileo Sur Americas -

Dialogue 2000: - FB: Diálogo 2000 -