Call for support for Andalgala: Release detained activists and Stop the mining activity

Eleven members of the El Algarrobo Assembly have been detained in the context of heightened opposition to the Agua Rica mining project which is advancing illegally in the northern Argentine town of Andalgala. They need your support now! Please join your signature here for Andalgalá, before April 21.

Open Letter to the authorities of the province of Catamarca and to the national authorities of Argentina


April 21, 2021


We hereby express our deepest concern for the situation being experienced by the people of Andalgalá, in the Argentine province of Catamarca, as a result of the entry of drilling machines into the Aconquija mountain range, for the purpose of large-scale exploitation of the Agua Rica mining deposit.


From all parts of our America-Abya Yala and the whole world, we adhere to the Open Letter (1) that, under the initial signatures of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and the Mother of Plaza de Mayo-Founders´ Line, Nora Cortiñas, was signed in less than 24 hours by more than 2500 teachers, researchers, environmental and human rights defenders and representatives of social movements and popular organizations from all over Argentina.


The letter states that the recent entry of this drilling machinery has caused confusion and uneasiness, putting on alert the people of Andalgalá and those who have been accompanying their demand against the mega-mining exploitation, led for over a decade by the El Algarrobo Assembly. It is understood that the presence of this machinery is due to the authorization by the Catamarca Ministry of Mining (Res. 310/2020), of the Advanced Exploration Plan presented by the Canadian mining company Yamana Gold and judicially questioned by the local population. 


What this authorization has not considered, it is pointed out, is the existence of glaciers inventoried by the Argentine Institute of Nivology, Glaciology and Environmental Sciences (IANIGLA), as well as periglacial environments within the exploration area, violating the provisions of National Law 26,639 of Minimum Parameters for the Preservation of Glaciers and the Periglacial Environment. 


The existence of these perennial ice bodies has even been confirmed by the Catamarca Ministry of Mining itself in an inspection carried out within the framework of the Environmental Impact Assessment, as well as by another inspection of the National Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development carried out on March 5 of this year.Regarding the existence of periglacial environments, the provincial Ministry of Mining considered that studies should be carried out for at least two years, notwithstanding which it authorized the exploration, violating the precautionary and preventive principle provided in the General Environmental Law and further confirmed by the March 2016 ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. 


This exploration involves drilling and extraction of water from the Minas River, which is part of the Andalgalá River basin, the latter being the one that supplies water to the local population.


In this sense, it should be noted that the authorized exploration implies environmental and social contamination, since it not only affects the water, soil and air -elements on which human beings and all the biodiversity of the area depend- but also affects the cultural identity of Andalgalá by deteriorating the continuity of traditional work, such as the cultivation of fruit trees -especially walnut, quince and grapevines-, the production of canned vegetables, olive oil and sweets, to mention a few, for which a healthy and safe environment is essential. We are faced with a violation of human rights considered in their interdependence and indivisibility: the right to a healthy environment, to life, health, food, water, housing and self-determination, among others, affecting the lives of the present population and future generations.


The Open Letter further adds that on Monday, April 12, the Police of Catamarca violently raided private homes and arrested members of the El Algarrobo Assembly, involving them in the burning of the offices of the Agua Rica mining company in the city of Andalgalá. These persons continue detained illegally, as no charges have yet been pressed, and additional detentions are expected momentarily.


The coincidence between the social protest caused by the presence of machinery on the mountain and these arrests is highly suspicious, even more so if we take into account that the people of Andalgalá, as well as the aforementioned Assembly of neighbors, have been demonstrating every Saturday for 11 years through "Walks for Life" and always in a peaceful manner, even when they have not found institutional response to their complaints. We are very concerned about the political persecution that is taking place, affecting human rights to freedom, personal integrity and free expression of the population within the framework of a democratic system of government.


Based on the above, we demand, together with the El Algarrobo Assembly and the enormous number of Argentine referents and organizations, the immediate release of the people detained, the withdrawal of security forces from the area and the cessation of harassment of those who defend the environment, health and life. Similarly, we join in their demand for the exploratory actions to be stopped as they are not only illegitimate, contrary to what has been expressed for more than 11 years by the people of Andalgalá, but also illegal.



Jubilee South/Américas         

Jubileo Sur/Américas

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Comité por los derechos humanos en América Latina (CDHAL)        Canada

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Confederación Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Trabajadores Estatales (CLATE)

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